The scary truth is, more cyclists are killed in Florida than any other state in the U.S. With data collected from the NHTSA, Florida has the highest per-capita cyclist death rate in the country and claims this grim #1 ranking by nearly double the incidents from the #2 state. With idyllic weather and beautiful stretches of road with excellent visibility, Florida should be a cyclist's utopia. Sadly, Florida is a cyclist's worst enemy. The news is jarring and has caught the attention of Gunther Volvo of Delray. We are committed to road-safety through the cars that we sell, but we had to raise the bar. Gunther Volvo surveyed 2400 road-users in Florida to examine the variables that might help us discover what's really going on. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best), road-users were asked to rate their feelings of the cyclist/motorist relationship. Shockingly, ⅔ of cyclists and ⅔ of motorists were found to empathize with each other's plight yet both parties, by better than 50%, admitted to feeling unsafe and never looking out for the other. With empathy being prevalent, but awareness falling short, the solution seems obvious to us. Florida is our home, and we all must look for ways to make a difference.

Regardless of who sees who, and who does what, Gunther knows that the technologically advanced Volvo is always on the watch. For instance, the XC60 has collision avoidance systems specifically designed to protect cyclists. Even if you cannot see a cyclist, your XC60 can. With front and rear collision detection and auto-braking support, you can help cut down on cyclist fatalities here in Florida. Does your current vehicle have this ability? If you are looking to make a difference, you might want to consider a Volvo XC60 lease as part of the solution. Additionally, our research indicated that there were improvements to be made by cyclists in the way of obeying road-rules and making use of clothing and gear that promotes visibility. Even if they do their part, cyclists have claimed that opening doors from parked vehicles is also a major source of incidence. Here, too, the XC60 has an available 360 birds-eye view system that would allow you to see what's around you when parked. There are more collision avoidance systems to list on the XC60 but if you are seriously looking to be part of the solution to this problem, Gunther wants to partner with you and provide you with a life-saving Volvo XC60 for sale here, now.


For over 50 years, the Gunther Auto Group has been committed to improving the quality of life for all Floridians. We sell affordable vehicles, ultra-luxurious vehicles, and give back to those in need. Our business model funnels profits from the sales of these vehicles right back into the community. By championing causes like Hope South Florida, Farm to Fork, 4Kids, numerous hospitals, and municipal agencies, Gunther embraces a relentless mission to make sure that everyone in Florida is healthy, safe, and protected.

As we reflect on the data we collected, Florida road-users report an average of 4.8 out of 10 with respect to the cyclist/motorist relationship. In other words, that 4.8 number isn't even as good as "feeling neutral" about that relationship. We are a company on a mission to make sure Florida is an exceptional place for all who live, work, vacation, and retire here. As such, we want to see that number move. By a lot. Don't you? Florida is the envy of other states for many reasons. So let's step up, and partner together to set an example. By the time our next survey comes around, we would love to show this country how to take the steps necessary to create a safe and secure roadway for all to enjoy.


Hit the road and don't hit a biker! Call us today for a Volvo! Your thoughts on this are important to us. Please CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our survey specialists to find out how you can make a difference.