We've been saying for years that Volvo is the superior luxury car brand. Now, it's finally official. J.D. Power released their findings from their 2020 Tech Experience Index, and when 80,000 car buyers were asked which manufacturer led the pack with innovative technology, their answer was clear: Volvo.

With a score of 617 points, Volvo demolished all its luxury and non-premium competitors. Not even Tesla, which had an estimated position of 593 points, could come close to Volvo in the 600-point club.

The study assessed 34 features across four categories: convenience, energy and sustainability, emerging automation, and infotainment and connectivity. So you don't have to trust us when we boast about Volvo's innovation; you can trust J.D. Power when they attest that Volvo has "a high level of advanced technologies across its entire product lineup."

Innovation focused on improving your drive

But what sets Volvo apart from the rest is that they know innovation for innovation's sake is worthless. Because what's the point of cutting-edge technology is drivers can't use it? Volvo only offers advanced technologies "that owners find intuitive and reliable" so you can unlock every inch of your vehicle's potential.

If you've been torn between a Volvo and an inferior BMW or Cadillac (ranked second and third place, respectively), then there's never been a better time to take the plunge. Come feel the awe-inspiring drive of J.D. Power's most innovative car manufacturer. Test drive a new Volvo XC60 or view our XC60 lease deals today!