If you're looking to learn how to reset a Volvo service light, you're in the right place. Most people panic when the "service now" light appears on their dashboard. However, this light is not always a bad omen. If the light stays on after a recent service, driving a few miles can sometimes cause the light to reset itself.

Auto service professionals often use diagnostic tools to reset the Volvo service light, such as a fault code reader. There are also various reasons why your Volvo service light might be on, which is why there are multiple ways to turn it off.

Sometimes the issue has to do with wiring; sometimes the light is indicative of an underlying mechanical problem. Luckily, for European manufacturers, there are specific things you can do to reset a service light. If you're tired of diving through your Volvo service manual, read on.

Reasons Why Your Volvo service Light Might Be On

Before you embark on a Google deep dive to remove the service indicator from your dashboard, first examine the common reasons for the Volvo service light turning on. As we previously mentioned, your Volvo service light can turn on due to faulty spark plugs or other mechanical issues.

It is also possible that a component needs to be replaced, such as the catalytic converter. If you follow our steps to turn the service light off on your Volvo, and it appears again, then you might want to book an appointment with your local service center.

How To Reset A Volvo Service Light

To reset the Volvo maintenance message without a fault code reader and a service reset tool, do the following:

  1. Put your key in the ignition and turn it to position one.
  2. Next, turn your trip computer to trip one.
  3. Press and hold the trip computer while turning your key to position two.
  4. The center arrow will flash red three times.
  5. On the third flash, you will let go and an alert will note that you just reset your service light.

If the instructions above do not work for you, then you should consider using a service reset tool and a car code reader.

You can purchase a car code reader online, or you can look for maintenance reset services at your Volvo dealership. There are various car code readers available online-some of which can even plug into your phone.

However, when it comes to resetting a specific Volvo service indicator, like the check engine light, a tool like the OBD1 will suffice.

Use the OBD1 Code Reader to Decipher Codes:

 A1 Transmission
 B1 Climate Control
 A2 Fuel System
 B2 Cruise Control
 A5 TCU (Transmission Control)
 B6 Power Seat
 A6 Ignition System
 A7 Combined Instrument

How to reset a check engine light with the OBD1 reader:

  1. Locate the OBD1 port on your Volvo, which is typically behind the passenger headlights. On models made in the 90s, there will be two boxes. Lift the cap with the A symbol on it.

  2. Unplug the jump wire from beneath the cap.

  3. The code will depend on what port you will plug the jump wire into. You can research codes online or refer to our list above.

  4. Plug in the OBD1 reader under the hood of the vehicle and go through all of the codes.

  5. Once you know what code you're plugging the reader into, you'll want to turn the ignition to position one.

  6. Press down on the code reader button for about a second, then release it. If there is an error code in the port you've chosen, the box light will populate in a series of 3 flashes. A code example might be 443, meaning that it first flashes once, then twice, then three times. So, your error code would be 443. If there are no available codes (meaning nothing is wrong with this component), the lights will flash once each time, leaving a code of 111.

  7. You can then use the code reader service manual to decipher the code.

  8. Once you've gone through all of the codes in the port, the first code will repeat. After filtering through the codes, hold the button on the A box down for 10 seconds and release. Then a light should flash.

  9. Hold down the button for 10 additional seconds, and all of the codes should clear.

  10. Turn the ignition off, wait 3 seconds and turn the ignition back to position one.

  11. Use the code reader once more and if the code is 111, you have successfully reset the error codes with the diagnostic tool on your Volvo 850.

Using the list above, you should now know how to reset a 1993-1995 Volvo 850 check engine light without a problem, along with other models. Once you get a feel for the procedure, you'll be able to perform it as quickly as a standard oil change. If you own a car code reader, you'll find that it's easier to navigate this tool than to search for an affordable range of synthetic oil online⁠-it's all about perspective!

When It's Time to Schedule Volvo Service

If a specific light continues populating on your dashboard after you reset learn how to reset the Volvo service light, you may need to bring your Volvo vehicle in for servicing. If your service light is indicative of something, the professionals at Gunther Volvo offer plenty of amazing service and parts specials.


A car code reader, otherwise known as a fault code reader, is a diagnostic tool used to report trouble service codes.
Plug the car code reader into a diagnostic link connector with the engine off. After you do this, start the vehicle and follow the general auto code reading steps. You will find this is in the instruction manual for the reader.
No. On a vehicle made before 1996, you can manually reset the service light by disconnecting the battery. You can also use the trip computer on the dashboard to reset the Volvo service light.
OBD2 and OBD1 scanners are very beneficial diagnostic tools for Volvo vehicle. You can choose from a range of versions, including the iCarsofti906 or the Ancel AD310.