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Riding around town with a faulty stop lamp is always a bad idea. If you're looking to learn how to check the stop lamp on your Volvo, you're in the right place. We're all about accident prevention here at Gunther Volvo Cars Delray Beach, which is why we'd recommend scheduling a stop lamp service or learning about the tail lamp assembly. If you decide to go the DIY route, you'll find that the replacement procedure is rather simple. Follow our tips below!

What Does the Check Stop Lamp Mean?

When this warning light populates, it generally means that you have either one or two taillights out, as well as a brake light. As it is imperative that you signal when you are coming to a stop, you should get this repaired ASAP.

How to Reset & Check the Stop Lamp

To properly check a stop lamp sensor, you'll need a few items:

  • Socket wrench
  • Gloves
  • New bulb

The process itself is pretty simple. As soon as the check stop lamp warning appears on the dashboard, you can follow these steps to replace and reset the stop lamp:

  1. Step One: Make sure the car is off. Lift the tailgate and find the corner panel. It's generally behind the taillight assembly.

  3. Step Two: Remove the corner panel cover and grab your socket wrench. You're going to loosen the four bolts inside the panel.

  5. Step Three: Now, remove the taillight assembly from your Volvo vehicle by detaching the wires from each other and twisting the top socket. Next, you'll want to remove the current bulb and replace it with a new one.

  7. Step Four: Here comes the fun part. Reposition the socket back into the assembly by twisting it clockwise. Once it is secure, reconnect the wires to the rear of the assembly before placing it back in the car. Then you'll screw the four bolts back onto the panel and close the cover.

Reasons Why Your XC90 Check Stop Lamp Sensor Triggered 

The intermittent "check stop lamp" sensor is triggered for your safety. The bulb can sometimes burn out, causing the stop lamp to remain off when you engage your brakes. While the particular designs of the stop lamp can vary depending on the Volvo model (such as the Volvo XC90 to the S60), you'll still generally be able to access yours with our guidance. These lights are especially vital to vehicle safety, as your stop lamp illuminates when you're braking the vehicle. If someone cannot see that you are coming to a stop, you run the risk of an unwanted collision.

There are many symptoms associated with a faulty stop lamp sensor, including brake lights that continuously illuminate. When the stop lamp shorts internally, the lights will stay on even if you are not pressing the brake pedal.

Another symptom that might call for a Volvo stop light replacement is a complete sensor malfunction. If the stop lamp is not illuminating when you press the pedal or is only activating at certain times, you will need to either follow the steps above or contact our Volvo service center in Delray Beach, FL.

We have plenty of options that will ensure your peace of mind on the road. If you keep up with your dashboard light warnings and routine maintenance requests, you'll find that you rarely have to check your Volvo stop lamp. Whether it's a stop lamp light indicator or a Volvo service light that populates, our professionals have the tools needed to take care of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "check stop lamp"?

"Check stop lamp" is a warning on your Volvo vehicle's dashboard. It generally indicates that either one or more taillights along with one or more brake lights on your vehicle have burned out or that they no longer function properly due to a malfunction. It's a warning that shouldn't be ignored, as when it comes up, your vehicle may not signal to other drivers that you're coming to a stop. This can cause significant safety issues on the road. If it involves the taillight function, a lack of nighttime visibility can cause similar safety concerns. In either case, it is imperative to bring your Volvo vehicle into an authorized service center as soon as possible.

What does a stop lamp switch do?

A stop lamp, simply put, is a light-generating source that indicates a vehicle is coming to a stop. You may have heard it called a "brake light," and both terms are technically correct in this case.  With that in mind, the stop lamp switch can also be called the "brake light switch." This switch supplies power to the brake lights as you press the brake pedal, indicating to other drivers that you are slowing down. When you see the "check stop lamp" warning, the stop lamp switch or the stop lamps themselves may have malfunctioned or burnt out and are in need of servicing.

Is a stop light the same as a brake light?

Yes, technically. When it comes to parts on a car, a stop lamp typically meets the exact definition of a brake light, and in many cases, the terms are interchangeable. But, the specific "check stop lamp" warning on Volvo vehicles may not only refer to the brake light. This warning can also refer to the taillights that stay illuminated and provide nighttime visibility to drivers behind you, as they may be integrated with the brake-light circuitry. When you see a stop lamp warning, be sure to have it diagnosed as soon as possible to restore vehicle safety.

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