Volvo Maintenance Schedule

Adhering to the Volvo maintenance schedule is essential. Have you ever seen a vintage vehicle that looks brand new parked in Delray Beach, FL, and wondered what it takes to make that happen? If you bump into the proud owner, they'll likely smile and tell you about the diligence paid to service, cosmetics, and more. The great news is that any Volvo Vehicle is designed to go the distance. Infact, we hold the Guinness Book World Record. So how might you make it to 3,250,000 miles? Take advantage of our Volvo service specials, and keep scrolling to learn more about service intervals.

Your Volvo Maintenance Schedule

Sticking to the prescribed Volvo maintenance schedule will help you get the most enjoyment from your world-class vehicle. We'll be able to keep our eyes on all the key systems (and tiny details) that will uphold the integrity of your world-class vehicle. On pre-2013 Volvo vehicles, the recommended maintenance interval is every 7500 miles. On newer vehicles, maintenance on a Volvo vehicle is recommended every 10,000 miles.

We say "recommended service interval" because, in some cases, your Volvo maintenance schedule might have to be adjusted depending on usage, region, and age, but you should never defer maintenance. In other words, if you're towing with your Volvo vehicle in a region with temperature extremes, you might actually need to come in and see us sooner. The best way to love your Volvo vehicle is to schedule service regularly. We'll do more than replace fluids and a filter when you come in for an oil change. We'll go over your vehicle and report back on anything that needs your attention.

FAQs & Your Volvo Maintenance Schedule

We love empowering our customers with insights that help create a lasting experience with the vehicles they love. We invite you to join us in our sunlit service guest lounge, enjoy refreshments, and ask as many questions as you need. But until that day comes, here are the answers to our top three questions:

How often does a Volvo vehicle need to be serviced?

Volvo Cars recommends that all vehicles be serviced annually or at 10,000-mile intervals (whichever comes first). Older vehicles might need to be serviced more frequently, given the requirements of higher mileage engines. Additionally, early model Volvo vehicles serviced with conventional oils might need to be seen as early as 2500 miles.

What is included in a Volvo factory scheduled maintenance?

Great question. Services will vary from vehicle to vehicle and from mileage interval to mileage interval. For instance, one scheduled maintenance visit might include transmission, transfer case, and differential service, while others include an oil change, inspection, cabin filter replacement, and so on. It's always best to consult your service manual for exact interval service needs. Don't have a manual? Give one of our service advisors a call. Did your maintenance reminder light come on? Don't worry. We'll perform any Volvo maintenance light reset as required.

Is Volvo maintenance expensive?

Volvo maintenance isn't expensive at all. Volvo Cars gives you the first three services (up to 36k miles) on the house. Beyond those, you can opt-in for our Volvo maintenance packages or make use of our a la carte Volvo service coupons.

Your Volvo Maintenance Schedule & More

One thing's for sure, the team at Gunther Volvo Cars wants you to love what you drive. So no matter what era Volvo vehicle you have, our team is committed to providing you with accurate knowledge and expert service. We've got plenty of research pages on our site, too. Learn more about stop lamp service, service lights, and other tips & tricks from the Gunther video library.

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