Volvo XC90 Hybrid For Sale In Delray Beach Near Pompano, FL

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Our new Volvo XC90 hybrid for sale blends superb gas mileage, luxurious comfort, and dynamic handling. This three-row SUV is the perfect family car or could serve you well as a fuel-efficient cargo-hauling beast. If you want to cruise the streets in Delray Beach, FL, without spending a fortune at the gas pump, then you'd do well to consider the 2022 Volvo XC90 Recharge plug-in hybrid SUV.

Our dealership, conveniently located near Pompano, FL, is a convenient location in Florida to buy one of these premier Volvo vehicles. We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful service.

Volvo XC90 Recharge: Specs and Performance

The 2022 Volvo XC90 Recharge plug-in hybrid pairs a turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a pair of motors and a lithium-ion battery pack to achieve an incredible 455 horsepower with the Extended Range upgrade. This powertrain can send the premium three-row Volvo SUV sailing down the road with just a press of your foot.

Most vehicles that reach horsepower numbers like 455 have pretty poor fuel economy. The Volvo XC90 Recharge, however, bucks this trend. It gets an EPA-estimated 66 MPGe (combined).1 The Volvo XC90 hybrid MPG rating will help you and your family stretch the monthly budget with savings at the pump while also being a performance champion.

Volvo XC90 Hybrid Interior and Safety

The cabin of the 2022 Volvo XC90 plug-in hybrid is just as impressive as its performance specs. The dashboard is elegant and refined; Volvo Cars has not loaded it down with extra buttons and dials but has kept the display concise. A nine-inch touch screen allows you to control music and navigation while plentiful USB ports will keep everyone's devices charged.

The Volvo XC90 Recharge has a great suite of safety features to complement its excellent infotainment setup. This family-friendly SUV will help you and your family stay safe on the roads near Boca Raton, FL. Every version of the car comes standard with:

  • Automated emergency braking
  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane departure alerts
  • Lane-keeping assistance
  • And more

The Volvo XC90 hybrid price is competitive and compelling. Our dealership can offer attractive financing to qualifying buyers - and we work hard to help you try and qualify. If you're raring to jump behind the wheel of this sleek Volvo SUV, then check out our new Volvo XC90 for sale near Pompano, FL.


How long does a Volvo XC90 hybrid battery last?

The answer to this question is largely theoretical, as the plug-in hybrid Volvo XC90 Recharge has only been available for purchase for a couple of years now. Electric vehicles' batteries are generally expected to last at least a decade, with two decades being within the realm of possibility. As time goes on and better electric technology is developed, the price of replacing the battery is also likely to fall.

How many miles per gallon does the Volvo XC90 hybrid get?

The Volvo XC90 Recharge gets a stunning EPA-estimated 66 MPGe (combined).1 MPGe is a measurement devised by the EPA to compare gasoline-only vehicles' fuel economy to that of hybrid cars, which, of course, use both electricity and traditional fuel to travel. While the math behind this is a bit esoteric, one thing is abundantly clear: this SUV will help you save at the pump.

Do Volvo hybrids charge while driving?

Like most electric vehicles, the Volvo XC90 Recharge uses regenerative braking to top off its battery as you drive. When you're slowing down, the motors run in reverse, acting as generators that provide some charge to the battery. Regenerative braking is one of the many innovative features that make hybrid vehicles so efficient.

New Volvo XC90 Hybrid for Sale Near Boca Raton, FL

As our Volvo XC90 hybrid review has demonstrated, this vehicle is an excellent fit for families. It offers plenty of space for passengers and their cargo and makes for a practical SUV when you have to help your buddy move. It's also a sleek and stylish car - you'll turn heads everywhere you go in Delray Beach, FL.

We offer compelling Volvo XC90 lease deals on our new Volvo XC90 hybrid for sale and on the other vehicles in our expansive new inventory. The folks at our dealership are dedicated to customer service - you'll be greeted with a smile, and we will work hard to try and seek the financing you deserve. Come test drive a Volvo XC90 Recharge today.

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1This is a hybrid plug in vehicle. Since electricity is not measured in gallons, a conversion factor is used to translate the fuel economy into miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent (MPGe). Use for comparison purposes only. Your MPGe will vary for many reasons, including but not limited to, driving conditions, how and where you drive, how you maintain your vehicle battery-package/condition, and other factors. For more information, including information on MPGe, see

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