Have the Best of Both Worlds With the Volvo XC60 Hybrid in Delray Beach

Recognized the world over, the Volvo XC60 is an SUV that has been awarded for its innovation, safety, and value. In sync with an ambitious environmental goal by Volvo, the XC60 hybrid is part of the brand's mission to be environmentally neutral in the next 20 years. Now, more than ever, PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) ownership is easy. With the environment and independence from fossil fuel on everyone's mind, you could say that ownership is also essential. We invite you to read-on and explore the many benefits that the XC60 hybrid has to offer.

A Volvo XC60 Hybrid SUV for Every Taste.

Most other manufacturers reserve their PHEV technology for their top trim-lines. This makes EV driving exclusive when it should be accessible to all. Volvo believes that this technology should be available in all trim levels so that any taste or budget can contribute to the greater effort of reversing climate change. XC60 hybrid models available to you are:

  • The R-Design
  • The Inscription
  • The Polestar Engineered

Regardless of which trim suits your style, each XC60 hybrid benefits from a full-length panoramic glass roof, LED headlights with active bending, forward and rear collision detection with brake support, blind-spot information system, lane keep assist, whiplash protection seating, rain-sensing wipers, and intelligent driver info system.

Understanding XC60 Hybrid Driving

When hybrids were introduced over 20 years ago, the ICE (internal combustion engine) would switch back and forth on its own with the electric motor, depending on power needs, speed, and conditions. Regenerative braking was the primary battery charging system, which essentially captured kinetic energy from braking and sent it back to the battery. As the name suggests, a plug-in hybrid can charge the battery from various charging sources such as AC charging, DC charging, or conventional wall outlet charging. The XC60 hybrid of today is a plug-in hybrid that allows you to experience the best of both worlds. The XC60 has its own built-in charging abilities, as well as the convenience of plug-in charging. When we use the term "hybrid" today, it includes plug-in technology.

Under the hood of each XC60 hybrid is the T8 hybrid powertrain. The T8 is a combination of a Twin Forced-Induction 4cyl and dual electric motor configuration. The R-Design and The Inscription offer a 400HP driving experience, and The Polestar Engineered trim level provides 415HP. Each model benefits from eAWD, an all-wheel-drive system that is not the function of a central transfer-case, but rather two electric motors, operating on the front and rear at all times.

In "Pure" mode, you can enjoy an EPA rated 21 miles of emission-free driving. For most, this is enough range for daily errand running. Fast-chargers are seen almost everywhere now, and should you require charging at one of those stations, your XC60 hybrids battery will be "topped up" in less than the time it takes for you to enjoy lunch with your friends.

Understanding the Different Volvo XC60 Hybrid Models.

All models come with standard luxury, safety, and convenience features that other manufacturers charge thousands extra for. You don't have to wonder what you are missing out on from one model to the next, so when you are considering which one may be right for you, it is truly a matter of taste and driving style.

The R-Design is the XC60 hybrid model designed to create a visceral, sport-focused feel to your XC60 hybrid driving experience. The R-Design is built on a unique sport-chassis that is designed with a spirited driver in mind. The R-Design also makes use of black exterior design accents, as well as its unique leather package.

The Inscription is your XC60 hybrid that appeals to a more classic sense of luxury and touring with its handsome wood inlays and stylish body-colored exterior accents. The Inscription is built upon a specialized dynamic chassis, making the most of everyday comfort while keeping the XC60 agile.

The Polestar Engineered XC60 hybrid boasts many unique features such as manually tunable suspension, rigid cross-bracing, and its own Polestar chassis system that offers maximum control from lateral forces, should you find yourself pushing the 415 horses to their limit. Performance is kept under control with oversized brakes and rotors with six-piston Akebono calipers delivering excellent stopping power.

Gunther Volvo Makes Hybrid Ownership Easy.

If you have been waiting to purchase a Volvo XC60 hybrid SUV, the team at Gunther has been in business for over 50 years in Florida. We know what it takes to earn your trust and can't wait to show you a memorable experience. Once you have found your favorite XC60 hybrid, make sure to contact one of our vehicle specialists to help you secure your favorite. Volvo enthusiasts are coming in from all over South Florida to take advantage of our beautiful inventory, so if you are part of the local team in Boca Raton or Delray Beach, make sure to swing by. Our finance department can save you a ton of time when you fill out our online credit application, so let us help you have the easiest shopping experience to date! Are you ready to get the car-buying experience you deserve? We can't wait to hear from you!

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