How Volvo EV Cars & SUVs Are Changing the Future

Did you know that Volvo EV technology is available on every new Volvo car, wagon, or SUV? Electrification is the way of the future. And when survivability comes into question, Volvo Cars has always been on the frontline of innovation. Aside from many other contributions, you can thank Volvo Cars for the three-point safety belt available in whatever car it is that you drive. Over the next few decades, we will all likely thank Volvo Cars for their pioneering technology that aims to decarbonize our atmosphere. Let's read more about this intrepid technology below.

Benefits of Owning the Volvo EV

For some, the benefits of owning a Volvo pure electric vehicle might be obvious. But what about the not-so-obvious benefits? Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Free EV Charging - Wherever you live, the EV charging infrastructure is growing before your very eyes. Do an internet search for "free EV charging near me" and see how many free EV charging stations there are. You might be surprised to find that your city or town offers public charging for free at 50% of its available stations (or more in some cases). When's the last time you saw a free gas station?

  • A Healthy Tax Credit - Currently, the maximum federal credit for a Volvo EV is $7500. Speak with your tax professional about how this credit applies to you, your model, in your neck of the woods. For many, this credit is a huge benefit of any purchase. Want to know the best part? You might be able to see it applied to a lease. Ask one of our vehicle specialists about how.

  • They're Cool - Let's face it, you're ahead of the trend if you drive an electrified vehicle of any kind. Whether fully electric or one of our Volvo Hybrid cars or SUVs, you'll be telling others that you're in the know and ahead of the curve. Even though e-vehicles have been around for 20 years, you might just be the first person in your neighborhood to have one.

As if any of that isn't enough, there are even more benefits. Shop the Volvo XC40 Pure Electric and take home a vehicle with portfolio-leading maintenance that includes 4-years/40k miles worth of complimentary service.

So What's Under the Hood of a Volvo EV? Nothing, Actually.

Whether you take home one of our current Volvo EV SUVs or any of our forthcoming Volvo EV cars & wagons, you'll pop the hood and find nothing. In your front trunk (or Frunk as you may have already heard that space called), you'll find added storage where the internal combustion engine used to go. Carbon-free driving aside, you can now enjoy an immediate boost in terms of storage space! But are all Volvo EVs the same? Let's take a look at the different types of electrified Volvo vehicles:

  • 100% Volvo EVs - If a Volvo vehicle is fully electric then she'll rely exclusively on a battery for propulsion. Reserve the 2022 Volvo C40 EV for the next all-star to the fully-electrified lineup from Volvo Cars.

  • Plug-In Hybrids - Any of our plug-in hybrids make the best of both worlds. Using a battery and conventional engine for propulsion, your vehicle will see incredible MPG gains of conventionally powered vehicles without electrification. Additionally, you can charge from an external source and drive in purely electric mode for a certain amount of miles. When the design comes to fruition, the new Volvo XC90 EV range should offer an EPA-estimated 18 miles of battery-only cruising.1 For most, this is enough for day-to-day errands.

  • Mild Hybrids - You'll notice that badging on certain models (like the Volvo XC60) will begin to change. Where a T5 or T6 used to be, you'll start seeing B5 & B6 badges replace them. This terminology indicates mild-hybrid technology. Conventionally powered vehicles are enhanced by electrification that reduces engine strain, thus adding to overall efficiency.

On a parting note, you might be wondering what all this green technology costs. Flipping the script slightly, what will it cost all of us if we don't make the transition to full electrification? With the many incentives that come from shopping at Gunther Volvo Cars, we'd say that your tailored Volvo EV price for any model will save you plenty of green.