Volvo Safety Features, Innovations And Technology

As soon as you grab the steering wheel inside one of our Volvo vehicles, you'll know you've never been supported by a car like this. Whether you're trekking through lengthy road trips that require all kinds of twists and turns or just trying to hustle the kids between football practice and dance classes, you and your most important passengers will feel safe and secure from the time you leave the driveway through to your destination.

Vehicle project engineers, technicians, designers, manufacturers, and many more incredible minds pour tons of hours into your car well in advance of you laying your eyes on it for the first time. Volvo Cars consistently provides next-level customer care from the first time you walk through our doors until your last time you take your Volvo vehicle down the block several years from now. Cars may be our business, but searching for what's around the corner and finding the best for the people that drive our cars is what fuels Volvo Cars forward.

If You're Second In Innovation, You're Last

When project engineers at Volvo Cars begin designing models for the upcoming year, they don't just review the ups and downs of past performances but anticipate the challenges ahead, too.

Volvo Cars has set some lofty goals to strive for over the next decade or so in order to combat our current polluted climate and create cars that draw power from sustainable fuel sources. Volvo Cars expects half of annual global sales volume to be based in 100% battery-powered cars.

Forget fossil fuels, the cars of tomorrow will run on a full tank of fuel each time you unplug them from your garage. You'll fly by the gas pump on your way to the bank and be in a better mood when you get there.

We see the future of the automotive industry in bringing the high standard of safety Volvo Cars is known for to the battery-powered vehicles of the future. Within this comes the development of Volvo Cars autonomous driving technology. Automated parking assistance, assistance helping drivers stay in their lane, and emergency brake assistance and alerts are just a couple of ways this technology has already begun becoming a core part of Volvo Cars.

What will the future look like inside your Volvo vehicle or SUV? No matter what's in the fuel tank or who is behind the wheel, Volvo Cars will continue to lead the automotive industry in safety at every level because our team never stops searching for the next level, inside and out.

The Highest Standard of Safety

When Volvo Cars burst onto the scene in 1927, their debuting vehicles were created with keeping the driver as safe as possible. After they really got rolling, Volvo Cars set a standard you've seen in every car you've ridden in. They did so by fitting three-point safety seat belts in all Volvo vehicle seats in 1959.

Over a half-century later, making sure everyone is safe and secure from point A to point B is the greatest goal. Our designers, testers, manufacturers, engineers, and other staff members put nothing else above ensuring your vehicle can identify trouble and react to adverse traffic or road conditions while keeping your cabin calm throughout the journey. New Volvo vehicles debut each year, fortified by a legacy of putting the most important priority where it belongs.

Always Protected, Never Disconnected

Whether we want to admit it or not, keeping your focus on the road when somebody important is buzzing your cell phone can be hard. Think about the times when the boss is trying to include you on a conference call as you drop the kids off? We're not a fan either. Have you ever been stuck fumbling in your pocket for directions as your exit slides into the rearview mirror? Yep, been there, too.

At Volvo Cars, we understand that in today's world, you rarely leave the house without your phone. It has your schedule, your contacts, and even your music all rolled up into a dynamic force. Spread that force seamlessly throughout your cabin through a host of mobile-connected services that make car connectivity a breeze.

Simply open your phone and activate services like Volvo on Call, Google Maps, and Google Assistant that plug your phone into your car. Directions you looked up in the living room will pop up on the infotainment screen and selecting everyone's favorite songs can happen without taking your focus off of the traffic around you.

The Volvo on Call app means you can control the climate and locks on your car before, during, and after you take the wheel, wherever you are -- near or far. Never take your eyes off of what's around you to sift through a list of directions ever again.

We know you have adventures to chase, places to be, and loved ones to visit. Volvo Cars has the vehicles that are made for the journey of life, wherever you choose to make today's road.