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    2021 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum in Thunder Gray.

2021 Volvo S90

T6 Momentum

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Discover another side of Scandinavian luxury with our Volvo S90 lease deals in Delray Beach, South Florida. The new S90 sedan offers drivers an impressive set of luxurious amenities and ample space for the necessities.

The Ideal Luxury Sedan

The new Volvo S90 is more than a luxury vehicle. With five first-class heated seats, this new Volvo sedan is set to accommodate a range of comfort levels. The standard panoramic moonroof makes the cabin feel open, while the rear backrests offer a useful 60/40 split.

Drivers looking for a first-class ride will love the premium features brought forth by our Volvo S90 sedan. With a new Volvo S90 lease, anyone can harness power and control. We encourage you to browse our selection of Volvo lease offers near West Palm Beach, FL. You can access special pricing on and flexible terms online, allowing you to drive your favorite vehicles. Sift through our lease deals online to see the latest new Volvo S60 lease offers and more.

So Many Ways to Enjoy the Road

The updated S90 has done away with tradition in favor of more technology. The results? The birth of the S90 T6 AWD R-Design is luxury incarnate. With metal mesh aluminum inlays and supportive sports seats awaiting, it's hard to resist a quick spin around the block. Delray Beach drivers are especially excited about this vehicle's 316 horsepower and AWD system, which make excellent performance ratings easier to access than ever before.

Never before has a trim so effortlessly blended sophistication and sport. If you would like to get the most out of your S90 lease, visit our Volvo finance department for details.

Volvo finance department for details.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Volvo S90

Which Volvo S90 trims can you lease?

If you can believe it, we offer all trims of the Volvo S90 for you to lease! Yes, you heard us right! No matter which Volvo S90 you want, whatever configuration or powertrain, you will be able to get it! Currently, the Volvo S90 is offered in three distinct trims: the Volvo S90 Momentum, the Volvo S90 Inscription, and the Volvo S90 R-Design. You also can't forget the hybrid variant: the Volvo S90 Recharge. The Volvo S90 Recharge comes in two available trims: R-Design and Inscription.

So, how do you know which one to get? Our friends at Volvo Cars have simple, one-word explanations that perfectly highlight the differences and perfectly explain what each trim is all about. The Volvo S90 Momentum is dubbed "Premium." The Volvo S90 R-Design is known as the "Sport" model. And you'll see the Volvo S90 Inscription riding the streets under the moniker "Luxury." The ball is in your court for how you want to ride!

How many miles per year are included on a Volvo Cars lease?

Depending on the current specials and your driving situation, the miles per year included on a Volvo Cars lease can differ pretty significantly. As a general rule, we usually don't see leases outside of the range of 7,500 miles to 30,000 miles. We know, we know. That's a pretty big range. So, how do you know what you'll end up with? Well, a lot of your final mileage limit will depend on your own driving habits. If we know that you have an hour and a half long commute to work every day and you visit your grandmother two hours away every weekend, we're not going to suggest a 7,500-mile lease limit.

This is why we highly stress the importance of reflecting upon your own driving habits and doing some math of your own (we promise it's not that bad) of how much you drive your car every year. If we know what you need, we can set you up with the mileage plan that is the most sensible for your driving!

How much does it cost to lease a Volvo S90?

Like the issue of the mileage limit, your final lease price for a Volvo S90 can see some pretty significant variation depending on your final contract. Currently, our offer stands at $459 per month to lease a basic (non-hybrid) Volvo S90 model. However, it's important to understand that our offers on leases and the specials we run change from month to month. So, the lease we're running now won't be the same as the one you see in a few weeks' time, and that one will likely be completely different than the one we offer two months down the road. Keep checking our current offers here to stay updated!

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