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    2021 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum in Thunder Gray.

2023 Volvo S90

B6 AWD Plus Bright

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When you have it all, get a little bit more with an exclusive Volvo S90 lease from Gunther Volvo. If you live in South Florida, then you know that there's a lot to do. That should be done well. You owe it to yourself to drive a richly appointed vehicle, no matter which model trim you fall in love with. Let the Volvo S90 take you by surprise. Let one of our custom Volvo lease deals take you even further. More about both as you scroll.

Who Says There's Nothing New Under the Sun?

The time to refresh the senses and breathe the free air is now. What better way to enjoy your accomplishments than from behind the wheel of a vehicle that is every bit as refined as you? Find the perfect expression with Volvo S90 lease deals on models like the:

  • Volvo S90 Momentum
  • Volvo S90 R-Design (& Plug-in Hybrid)
  • Volvo S90 Inscription (& Plug-in Hybrid)

All the modern luxury and convenience you could hope for comes on every trim. Discover standard keyless entry, leather seating, adaptive LED lighting, a panoramic glass sunroof, climate-controlled seats, 22"+ of digital driving displays, touchscreen infotainment, smartphone connectivity, wireless charging, voice command, adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, lane-keep assistance, front and rear collision detection, emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, traffic sign recognition, driver alertness monitoring, and run-off-road protection. Need more? Your Volvo S90 lease will have it.

Talk About a Powerful Portfolio

Confident in every situation, your Volvo S90 lease gives you more power while taking less from the planet (as well as your pocket). The 2021 Volvo S90 sedan comes standard with a twin-charged T6 aluminum engine with 316 hp and standard AWD. Find even more power with our hybrid models that wield 400 hp and eAWD courtesy of the T8 hybrid engine set up. Tailor the drive even further with configurable drive modes suited to the weather, comfort, sporting preferences, or custom needs. Deciding to lease a Volvo S90 is a wise decision. The benefits continue.

Design More Than Your Volvo S90 Lease

Find your gorgeous Volvo S90 sprayed in Thunder Gray, Crystal White, or Birch metallics (among others). Wrap your stunning leather interior with Charcoal, Blond, Amber, Slate, or City Weave. Enhance your comfort with ventilated seats, massage seating, and other in-car technology. Keep in mind that your final Volvo S90 lease price will be specific to your final configuration. Our finance center will ensure that your lease rate is optimized for your credit from one of our preferred lenders. Keep in mind that we often outperform credit unions and private lending solutions. If you've been pre-approved elsewhere, let us show you what our network can do.

Volvo S90 Lease Deals With a Purpose

It goes without saying that our goal is to see you ecstatic when you drive home in your new Volvo S90 lease. But hidden beneath the surface is a greater purpose. All of our new Volvo cars for sale are built with Drive-E technology. Whether gas or electrified, your new Volvo vehicle is designed to be incredibly efficient. Volvo Cars is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2040, and every vehicle sold today, tomorrow, and beyond is built to minimize your environmental impact.

There's a lot to love in Delray Beach, FL. From waking up early to catch a golden sunrise to world-class experiences throughout our town and beyond, you'll have the ability to enjoy more when you take home one of our Volvo lease specials. How exactly? With complimentary service for 3yrs/36k miles on every new model, our Volvo lease deals will help you by ensuring that surplus funds are available to use however you see fit. Enjoy more dinners with friends. Don't hesitate when you fall in love with a piece of art. Embrace the best this life has to offer. And do it all with your new Volvo vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Volvo S90

Which Volvo S90 trims can you lease?

If you can believe it, we offer all trims of the Volvo S90 for you to lease! Yes, you heard us right! No matter which Volvo S90 you want, whatever configuration or powertrain, you will be able to get it! Currently, the Volvo S90 is offered in three distinct trims: the Volvo S90 Momentum, the Volvo S90 Inscription, and the Volvo S90 R-Design. You also can't forget the hybrid variant: the Volvo S90 Recharge. The Volvo S90 Recharge comes in two available trims: R-Design and Inscription.

So, how do you know which one to get? Our friends at Volvo Cars have simple, one-word explanations that perfectly highlight the differences and perfectly explain what each trim is all about. The Volvo S90 Momentum is dubbed "Premium." The Volvo S90 R-Design is known as the "Sport" model. And you'll see the Volvo S90 Inscription riding the streets under the moniker "Luxury." The ball is in your court for how you want to ride!

How many miles per year are included on a Volvo Cars lease?

Depending on the current specials and your driving situation, the miles per year included on a Volvo Cars lease can differ pretty significantly. As a general rule, we usually don't see leases outside of the range of 7,500 miles to 30,000 miles. We know, we know. That's a pretty big range. So, how do you know what you'll end up with? Well, a lot of your final mileage limit will depend on your own driving habits. If we know that you have an hour and a half long commute to work every day and you visit your grandmother two hours away every weekend, we're not going to suggest a 7,500-mile lease limit.

This is why we highly stress the importance of reflecting upon your own driving habits and doing some math of your own (we promise it's not that bad) of how much you drive your car every year. If we know what you need, we can set you up with the mileage plan that is the most sensible for your driving!

How much does it cost to lease a Volvo S90?

Like the issue of the mileage limit, your final lease price for a Volvo S90 can see some pretty significant variation depending on your final contract. It's important to understand that our offers on leases and the specials we run change from month to month. So, the lease we're running now won't be the same as the one you see in a few weeks' time, and that one will likely be completely different than the one we offer two months down the road. Keep checking our current offers here to stay updated!

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