Pets On Board: Driving Safely With Your Furry Friends

At our Volvo dealership, we know exactly how much joy a loving pet can bring into its owner's life. As such, we know how exciting it can be to bring your pet on journey to a nearby lake or forest. Of course, while you are on the road, it is also important to remember your pet's safety needs.

Though it can certainly be tempting to allow your pet to simply sit in the passenger seat, or wander freely around the vehicle, this can be quite unsafe. It can be distracting for the driver, and can potentially lead to serious injuries for your pet should you get into an accident. Instead, responsible pet owners should secure their animals in the back seat using either a crate or a harness.

Here at Gunther Volvo Delray Beach, we want to keep you and your pets moving. As such, we offer a wide variety of excellent pet-friendly vehicle options. Our showroom is conveniently located, so come by and test drive one today.



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