Winter is Coming: Change Your Oil

The aroma of pumpkin spice fills the nearby Starbucks and the leaves change color. Mowing the lawn has switched over to raking leaves. One of the many fall chores someone should consider is changing his or her oil. If he or she does not want to change the oil on his own, it does not hurt to take it to a mechanic to have it changed. Having an oil with the wrong viscosity can damage a car's engine.

This damage takes place slowly, but most readers want to know what viscosity means. Viscosity refers to how easily the fluid flows. Oils with high viscosity ratings work best in summer, oils with low viscosity ratings work best in winter. Motor oil blends with the thickness of molasses do not work in any engine. At least such a blend, if such a blend exists outside of a car that hasn't had its oil changed in years, does not work well in engines.



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