Pick the Right Tires for the Weather and the Seasons

Purchasing new tires requires making decisions. Factors besides price must be taken into consideration. That’s why tire manufacturers produce summer tires and all-season options. Based on your driving patterns, one may be better than the other.

The summer may bring to mind images of the hot sun, but the summer months can also bring a great deal of rain. Rain makes roads slippery. The heat also impacts the road making it hard for tires to grip. Summer tires are made to deliver enhanced traction to those who prefer such an attribute.

All-season tires are designed to last a long time. Unfortunately, this may reduce the traction level somewhat. The longer life combined with the ability to handle decently in hot or cold weather can be worth it to some drivers.

No matter what the weather in Delray Beach turns out to be, Gunther Volvo Cars Delray Beach stocks the right tires to match the conditions. Come down to our location and check out our solid tire inventory firsthand.

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