Possible Reasons Why Your Tire Pressure Light is Indicated

If you can spot the signs that a car tire might be ready to fail, you could certainly reduce the risk of having to deal with issues on the highway. If the tire pressure light is on, investigate the situation a little further than assuming it's a drop in temperature.

The side wall of the tire is the weakest part, and if you see trouble here, it should be addressed as quickly as possible. Things to look out for on the side walls include any cracks or budges in the rubber.

The tire tread should be consistent around the tire, so of course areas of uneven wear or bare patches should be good reason for concern. If something is stuck in the tire, have a technician check it before assuming it can be plugged.

Don't forget that our crew at Gunther Volvo Cars Delray Beach is here to give those tires a closer look and can replace your tires or inspect the tire pressure indicators for issues.


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