How to Read the Size of Your Tires

Looking at the list of numbers and letters on your tire's sidewall can be confusing. The important thing to know is each number and letter in the sequence have a specific meaning. The following breakdown is generally what each of those letters and numbers means:

  • The first letter is the vehicle type for that tire. For example, "P" for passenger vehicle.
  • The number following is the width of the tire, in millimeters, from one sidewall to another.
  • After the slash mark is the tire's aspect, or height, ratio.
  • Next is usually an "R" or "D" for the type of internal construction of the tire. Most are "R" for radial.
  • The rim diameter, in inches, is next.
  • The load a tire can support will be the next number.
  • The final letter, "S" or "R," will be the speed rating for the tire.

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