Help Your Car Keep You Moving During the School Year

Staggered start and dismissal schedules can mean some parents spend most of their day shuttling children from home to school and back again. Add in a few extracurricular activities and other appointments and you may find yourself spending most of your time in the car.

The autumn season in Delray Beach is a great time to check out your car before the school rush gets into full swing. Assuming you’re taking care of regular maintenance items like oil changes and paying attention to warning lights on your dashboard, you may also want to take your car into Gunther Volvo Cars Delray Beach for a quick overall inspection. Some service is recommended at certain time and mileage intervals, and our professionals can help you determine if your car is due.

You depend on your car every day and perhaps more so during the school year. Be sure you give it what it needs so it can keep you moving through your busy life.

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