How Important is the Alternator in Your Vehicle?

While many drivers are under the impression that the car battery does most of the powering of electrical components in the car, it is in fact the alternator that is doing all the hard work. The car battery will send power to the starter motor, which allows the vehicle to start. From there, the alternator takes over powering things like the power doors and windows, stereo, a navigation system, and the lights.

The car alternator is, in fact, a generator, and it gets its power from a wheel on the crank that spins quickly as the car is running. If the alternator is beginning to fail, you will be able to spot signs like the headlights appearing dim or the various gauges on the instrument panel stop operating correctly. Bring your vehicle to our Volvo service and repair facility in Delray Beach, FL at the very first signs of electrical system issues so we can properly test the alternator.

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